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Immigration, more Italian citizenship than the residency permission

The italian passport and on the other hand the residency permission.

Citizenship , Italian passport , Residency permission

immigration italy 2016, more italian citizenship than the residency.

Official numbers confirm that having the Italian citizenship is much more easier than having residency permission in the last years .

The number of foreigners that have the Italian citizenship becomes more every year : in 2012 was 60 thousand , in 2014 was 120 thousand and in 2015 was 178 thousand.

immigration italy law

That confirms the 22 relation about the migration of the foundation Ismu that photographs a situation : it’s too easy for a migrant to apply for the Italian citizenship to stay in Italia and this is easier than waiting for the EU to give a residency that takes a lot of time .

It’s not a case that in many Italian regions in 2015 and in 2016 have been registered an increase in the requests for citizenship like a drop instead of the requests for the residency permission . the reasons are clear and staying in time but also in the difficulties that have been registered to have the residency permission .

For example if you need to have the residency card it is necessary to pass an Italian language test and on the other hand there is no test for the citizenship , the card serves the release of the housing eligibility from the common but for the citizenship no .

That makes the taxes for the person increase also to 500 Euro for any practice , and asks for other documents , that makes the life harder to change the applicants idea .

immigration italy 2016

That’s because the requests for the citizenship became more easier and the increase of the requests that have been registered in the last years must be for reasons of pratical order and the requests haven’t do a right effect in our country .

Waiting a reply for the request of the Italian passport takes about two years , it takes less time than the past with more than 100 thousand questions sent every year .

Then the applicants can continue staying in Italy and waiting , and in case they get positive answer they will get new lifes , in fact the Italian citizens will be free to move in Europe searching for jobs that they will not get .

You mustn’t be amazed that in 2014 there were about 20 thousand migrant from Italy that didn’t born in Italy and in 2015 the quote may be increased for about 25 thousand . simply they must respect the law in the moment they get the Italian citizenship , either by their will or by choice , they can stay anywhere they want or they have another prospectives.

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