giovedì 13 agosto 2015

Italian Citizenship : How To Speed Up The Waiting Time

Italian Citizenship

The waiting time to get Italian citizenship is rather long.

In addition to the period required to meet the legal conditions, foreign citizens are expected to wait for further 730 days before having their application to become Italian citizens accepted.

However, the facts amply demonstrate that two years are not enough and deadlines are hardly ever respected. Foreign citizens may have to wait up to five or six years before receiving a “yes”.

The reason for these long bureaucratic waits is the rising demand from foreigners to get Italian citizenship. On the other hand, there is an inadequate number of people in charge of processing the requests, implemented for this reason a few months ago.

Although new laws were made to speed up the process, the waiting time is still extremely long. So here are two tips to help you reduce it or, at least, not exceed the limit of 730 days required by law.

How to speed up the waiting time

Is there a way to speed up the waiting time for foreign citizens who want to get Italian citizenship?

First and foremost, make sure you have not made any ​​mistakes in filling in the application to submit to the competent department. We recommend seeking help from a legal specialist.

Specialized assistance in this case can mean a lot as it can reduce the risk of further revisions to complete documents or information, which would unavoidably extend the time for your application to be accepted.

The second thing to do is to solicit the competent department as soon as the 730 days required by law to get Italian citizenship expire, so that your application can proceed without undergoing an unnecessary period of immobility.

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mercoledì 12 agosto 2015

Peruvian citizens in Italy without visa

Peruvian citizens in Italy without visa (new italy immigration rules)

Short visits in the Schengen area will be deregulated starting from January 2016

The deregulation concerns short stays (not more than 90 days) in Italy

The exemption from the obligation to be provided with an entry visa concerns only the holders of biometric passports that will be issued starting from November 2015.

The Peruvian community for number of presences ranks eleventh in Italy

The European Commission resolved that the obligation to be provided with a visa is no longer justifiable due to the low level of risk as regards security and illegal migration, also assessing the potential economic benefits for the Countries involved.

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mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

Family joining procedure and residence permit

Foreign nationals applying for family reunification shall also show the availability of a minimum
annual income deriving from legal sources and not lower than the annual amount of the social allowance for each family member intending to be reunified.

This income parameter is updated every year.
The necessary income increases according to the number of family members that intend to be reunified.

Following the reassessment of the social cheque for year 2015 ,equal to 5,830.76 euro.
The income parametres necessary for joining one or more family members have been updated.
In order to apply for family joining it is necessary to have a gross annual income not lower than :
  • 8,746.14 for the joining of 1 family member
  • € 11,661.52 for the joining of 2 family members
  • € 14,576.9 for the joining of 3 family members
Entry visas shall be applied for by foreign nationals regularly residing in Italy by submitting the application for family reunification by using the online procedure available in the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

Family reunification may be applied by foreign nationals holding a residence permit with a validity of at least one year. Foreign nationals in Italy may apply for the reunification of some family members abroad, including : spouse aged at least 18 and with which no legal separation is in place. The children that at the moment of the application for reunification are under 18 years of age, including those of the spouse or born from another partner.

Adult children who are dependents on the foreign national living in Italy in case they, for objective reasons, are not able to meet their basic needs for serious health problems entailing total disability. Parents who are dependents on the foreign national living in Italy or parents aged over 65, in case there are no other sons able to support them in their country of origin, or if other children are not able to support them for serious and documented health problems.

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sabato 7 febbraio 2015

2014 Flows Decree

On 29/12/2014 a new decree was published concerning the programming of entry flows for non-community workers as regards non-seasonal employment.

On the basis of the new decree, 17,850 foreign workers will be authorized to enter Italy for non-seasonal subordinate work and autonomous work.
The total quota is divided as follows:

 1,000 foreign workers that completed training and education programmes in their Countries of origin pursuant to art. 23 of legislative decree n. 286 dated 25 July 1998 ;

 2,400 autonomous workers ;

 100 foreign workers, for non-seasonal subordinate work and autonomous work, of Italian origins on the part of at least one of the parents up to third grade in direct line of ancestors, resident in Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Brazil. 

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Instances of citizenship online from April 2015

Instances of citizenship - questions online from April 2015 The Home Office has announced the activation, from next April, a new system of compiling and submitting applications for citizenship. Currently instances are submitted directly to the Office with a paper model. This will allow a considerable simplification of procedures of citizenship and allow applicants to proceed with the submission of applications from home.

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domenica 7 luglio 2013

Loss of citizenship

The Italian citizenship can be lost in the following cases

  by explicit renunciation in the following cases: If the person resides abroad and holds another citizenship ; Upon the coming of age, if the person holds another citizenship and the Italian citizenship was acquired when the person was a minor following the naturalisation of his/her parents ; Upon the coming of age, following withdrawal of the adoption, if the person holds another citizenship

  Automatically in the following cases: In case of withdrawal of the adoption on account of a fact chargeable to the adopted person ; In case the person does not comply with the Government’s order to quit either a public post or the military service in a foreign State

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domenica 1 gennaio 2012

Documents for Italian citizenship

Birth certificate complete with all pertinent data;
Police Certificate of country of origin and any third country of residence;
Certificate / the town / s residence;
Residence permit;
Certificate of criminal records and pending charges;
Family status;
Tax models relative to earnings over the past three years;
Receipt of payment of the contribution of € 200.00;
Certificate of Italian citizenship of the parent or ascendant in a straight line until the second degree; (art. 9, c.1, letter);
Judgement of adoption issued by the Court (Article 9, c.1, letter b);
Documentation relating to the provision of the service, even abroad, for the State (Article 9, c.1, lett.c);
Certificate of recognition as a stateless person or refugee status; (c.1 article 9, Letter) - article 9 paragraph 1 letter a) and art.16 paragraph 2);

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Rights pending the issuance or renewal

Pending the issuance or renewal of residence permit the foreign worker can stay in the territory of the State and temporarily carrying out work up to any communication (also to be notified to the employer) indicating the existence of impediments the issue or renewal of residence permit.
The work activities listed above may be carried out under the following conditions:
a) that the request for issuing a residence permit for work has been carried out by the foreign worker on conclusion of the residence contract or, in the case of a renewal application is submitted before the permit expires or within sixty days the expiry of the same;
b) has been issued by the appropriate office in the receipt confirming the submission of the request for issuance or renewal of the permit

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venerdì 26 agosto 2011

Italian Citizenship

FOLLOWING MARRIAGE TO AN ITALIAN CITIZEN (ARTICLE 5 OF LAW 91/92, as subsequently amended and supplemented)

According to article 5 of Law No. 91 of 5th February 1992, citizenship can be granted following marriage, provided the following conditions are met:

1. The foreign or stateless applicant must be married to an Italian citizen for at least 2 years and he/she must have his/her legal residence in a municipality of the Province for at least 2 years from the date of the marriage.
Legal residence means that the applicant must be enrolled in the register of the population and at the same time he/she must hold a valid permit to stay.

2. If the spouses reside abroad, the application can be submitted three years after the date of the marriage.

3. The above periods are reduced by half if the spouses have natural or adopted children

4. Until the adoption of the decree granting citizenship the spouses must not be legally separated and there must not be dissolution or nullity of the marriage or cessation of its civilian effects

(ART. 9 OF LAW 91/92, as subsequently amended and complemented)
According to article 9 of Law No. 91 of 5th February 1992, citizenship can be granted:

* To an alien who has legally resided for at least 10 years on the Italian territory
* To an European Union national, provided he/she has legally resided for at least four years on the Italian territory
* To a statelss person or to a refugee who has legally resided for at least five years on the Italian territory
* To an alien whose father or mother or one of his/her grandfathers or grandmothers had been citizen by birth or to an alien who was born on the territory of the Republic and who has been legally residing there for at least three years, in both cases
* To an alien of full age adopted by an Italian citizen and who has legally resided on the Italian territory for at least five years after the adoption
* To an alien who served the Italian State, even from abroad, for at least five years

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Legally enter and stay in Italy


Tourism: in order to enter into our Country the foreign national must show a valid passport upon crossing the border. This kind of permit does not allow to perform a job.

a visa for study can be applied for at the Italian Embassy in the foreigner’s country of residence. Its validity is equivalent to the length of the course he/she intends to follow; in any case, it must not exceed one year.

Family reunification:
it is possible be granted this permit when the applicant is a regularly residing foreigner who holds a residence card or valid permit of residence for subordinate work, for self-employment, for asylum or for religious reasons: its duration must not shorter than one year.

Work: upon his entry into Italy, the foreign national must hold a visa for work that is issued keeping into account entry flows quotas established by decrees that are issued every year.
Permits for work relate to subordinate work, self-employment and seasonal work.

-In order to establish a permanent, fixed-term or seasonal subordinate work relationship with a third-country national who resides abroad, the Italian or regularly residing foreign employer must submit a ad hoc request for authorization, bearing the name of the person, to the “Single Desk for Immigration” that is competent in the place where the job will be performed.

-The foreign national who intends to carry out an industrial, professional, craftsmanship or commercial permanent self-employment job, or intends to establish a joint-stock or partnership company or to take up posts in a company must possess the moral and professional requirements that law requires from Italian citizens for performing their activities.

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